About Us

Silvio’s Organic Ristorante e Pizzeria food has created a niche in Ann Arbor by providing organic and locally sourced ingredients, including our famous vegan and gluten free selections. Silvio’s new menu was designed to maintain a long standing family tradition of Italian cuisine and also a unique opportunity to provide an exceptional, Italian dining experience.

With the addition of a newly refreshed lunch, dinner, late night and a highly anticipated grab n go option for those of you with limited lunch time availability, we are renewing our commitment to friendly and inviting service. Silvio’s will continue to offer handmade pastas, amazing pizzas, daily made soups, salads and so much more for which he has become famous for creating. We have handpicked some of our house favorites and will be offering a full service bar with a late night happy hour that gives our guests 50% off select drafts and cocktails starting at 8 p.m.

In tradition with our commitment to promote local talent we will continue to host live music and dancing events. And encourage any sort of special event reserved function.

How is Silvio’s pizza different? It’s an authentic Italian pizza. Most pizzas in the USA have a bland crust, thick cheese and uninspired toppings. They do not resemble what pizza was meant to be. Silvio’s pizza is thoroughly Italian. Silvio’s sauce is based on fresh organic herbs and organic tomatoes. The flavorful crust incorporates fine olive oil and is made with organic flour exactly the way Silvio’s father made it. Most of Silvio’s always-fresh toppings are not available at other pizzerias.

At Silvio’s, we use organic ingredients because we value health… ours, yours, and the health of our planet. Organic farming foregoes the use of herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. As a result, soil is not degraded, water supplies are not contaminated and food is safer. Organic farming is labor intensive, so our ingredients may cost a little more, but we believe the results, both environmentally and for the table are worth the investment. Whenever we cannot find certified organic ingredients, we will use ingredients from producers who respect and follow safe "Organic Procedures".


What is Silvio’s background? Silvio’s actually has its own history, going way back to when Silvio himself was a young boy living in Italy. Growing up, Silvio’s father owned a bakery in which Silvio grew up in and worked at for most of his life, Silvio was lovingly taught to produce the highest quality of breads and pizza dough. After his father passed away, Silvio took over the family business. Once he got married, his lovely wife Catia started to work at the bakery as well. Seeing how successful it was, they decided to open a second. Together they ran both bakeries, which carried everything from bread to pizzas to desserts. Although they were successful in Italy, Silvio dreamt of a better life for himself and his family, so he decided to move himself, his wife Catia, and their three kids to America.

Once here, Silvio and Catia had to work odd jobs to make ends meet, but Silvio had pizza in his blood. He missed it so much he started having pizza parties at his house. Using his friends and family as critics, he used these parties to try out different dough recipes and pizza toppings until he found the recipes that everyone liked. From these humble beginnings, Silvio’s Organic Pizza was born.

Silvio’s Organic Pizza opened on October 26th, 2005. When it opened, Silvio’s was a small, local business but, after 6 years, it was growing so successful that Silvio and Catia decided it was time to let the business grow. In the winter of 2010, they expanded, doubling the size of the original location. After months of hard work, including knocking down walls, redecorating, painting, and re-designing the Silvio’s logo, Silvio’s Organic Pizza evolved into Silvio’s Organic Ristorante e Pizzeria. With the renovation and expansion, Silvio would now be able to offer table service, in addition to the counter service offered before. He was also able to add to the pizza menu a wide array of pastas, calzones, and many other delicious Italian foods.

Whether it is Silvio’s Organic Pizza or Silvio’s Organic Ristorante e Pizzaria, Silvio’s has always prided itself on using the best organic ingredients available.

With 4 children and 5 grandkids. Silvio and Catia still work over 50 hours a week, because they truly believe that Silvio’s is about love and passion for the food and the community and what better people to show the love and passion then the people that started it all.

Silvio and his family thank you for sharing so many great times and memories and we look forward to many more.